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Owl - Hearty

Owl - Hearty


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With our wide-eyed 1 minute owl timer brushing is exciting and a whole lot more fun. Promoting good brushing habits has never been easier- kids will love turning over our sand timer until all their teeth are clean and their brushing is done. Rotate twice for 2 minutes of pure fun brushing today!

Product Dimension: 42mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 81mm (H)

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Revolutionizing Toothbrush Storage

The benefits of using Flipper

Revolutionizing Toothbrush Storage
  • Ventilation

    Keeps your toothbrush properly ventilated as it air dries your bristles.
  • Suction Cup

    Features a single or dual suction cup that sticks firmly to your bathroom mirror or tiles.
  • Easy to use

    In just two simple steps you’ll be brushing the Flipper way!
  • Safe to Use

    Made from high quality, BPA free materials, the Flipper adheres to the strictest health standards.
  • Stores hygienically

    Keeps germs, dust and other yucky stuff away by storing your brush a more hygienic way.
  • Travel Friendly

    Easily converts to a compact travel case. Just store it and stick it- wherever you go!