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What's the big deal in #MYCYBERSALE 2018

What's the big deal in #MYCYBERSALE 2018

#MYCYBERSALE -Malaysia's biggest online sale event is back! Get Flipper 2 in 1 toothbrush cover pack at only RM6.10! Lots of valuable deals are awaiting for you until Sep 7, 2018, it's exclusively available in Flipper Malaysia Online Store only!

#1 MERDEKA SPECIAL | RM6.10 To celebrate Merdeka, we offer 50% OFF on Flipper Onolulu 2 in 1 pack. Enjoy 2 times of fun brushing with 1 flat price. What's more? Scroll down for more deals!

#2 MERDEKA FAMILY COMBO | RM61 Get 2 little Flipper Owls and an elegant-designed Mira for you and your little kiddos. Flipper Owl with 1-minute timer is definitely a great helper in your brushing time. Two combos for your selection, shop now!

#3 BRUSHING BUDDY COMBO | RM48 Get 2 new-launched Flipper Owls plus 2 pieces of Flipper Toothfairy and save up to RM10 in one deal, select your brushing buddies now!

#4 FUN ANIMAL COMBO | RM45 Calling for animal lovers! Want to get these little cute animal Flipper toothbrush covers in your bathroom? Grab them before they are gone!

#5 SMILEY COMBO | RM32 Another super deal for you - get 6 toothbrush covers at one go! Can't help smiling now? Check them out!

#6 PORORO COMBO | RM61 Great news for Pororo fans! Collect all Pororos and make them your brushing companion, click for more!

#7 HAPPY FAMILY COMBO | RM49 Perfect combo set for the whole family, Pororo and his little friends will work together with Toothfairy to defend your toothbrush from yucky stuff, choose your preference now!

#8 STYLISH ADULT COMBO | RM49 The designs are too kiddish for you? We specially make this for you: 2 toothbrush covers + 1 razor cover + 1 toothbrush, nice deal ya? Shop for more selections here.

Grab all the sweet deals in this shopping season now! We will also pay for your delivery fee if you purchase RM40 (West M'sia) & RM45 (East M'sia) in a single receipt.