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Do Your Own Xmas Gift

Do Your Own Xmas Gift


Worrying about what gifts to buy for loved ones is a big part of holiday stress. It's especially worrisome when you're trying to find a pragmatic yet unique gift to make them impress. Don't fret, we've got you covered.

We all know how much people love a handmade gift. At least I know I do! Here are some Flipper gift ideas can be made by yourselves and they are under RM30! Check out how cute they are!

Onolulu Gift in a Jar

Color your gift presentation this holiday. But how? Easy, just put your gift (Onolulu) in a jar and add some painted toothpicks inside. Add a card or simple note and tie with twine around the jar to give it a more festive and personalised touch.

Crafty Wrapping Paper

Crafty wrapping makes your gift more heartfelt. For this festive Christmas craft you’re going to need: kraft wrapping paper, acrylic paint, art knife, potatoes. Cut the potatoes into a shape of tree, star, circle…(any shape you wish); apply color onto potatoes, then gently (but firmly) stamp them onto the paper. Next, wrap the gift, and voila! A presentable yet unique gift is done!

DIY Gift Bag

Sometimes you just don’t have a nice box to use when wrapping a present, even though your gift is awesome. A nice-looking DIY gift bag can really level up your gifts. How ? Make use of brown grocery bag and decorate the paper bag by using color paper/ sticker. With just a few steps, you have a creative, simple and frugal way to package for gifting.

Remember, gifts need not be expensive, it’s the thought that counts. That’s why these customized gift ideas are perfect during festive season. Now, it’s your show time to create the most touching, unique gifts to your friends, families or coworkers.

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Christmas Deals

Christmas Deals

 Xmas Deals

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Onolulu Xmas Pack

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