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School Holiday Giveaway

Get something different for your kid in this school holiday? With purchase of any Flipper toothbrush cover, you will receive a limited edition Flipper Brushing Chart worth RM9.90 for FREE, offer till 26/3/2017. Encourage your kid to brush day and night, make this routine fun! Don’t forget to reward them if they brush very well! Shop for fun now!


Encourage Good Brushing Habits

Do you know that you should take at least 2 minutes to brush your teeth? This helps to ensure that you will get everywhere in your mouth that needs to be cleaned. We know lots of adults brush less than a minute, let alone children who just start to learn brushing.

Right now, Flipper Owl is here to cultivate your good brushing habit! The 1-min timer makes the boring 2-min brushing routine fun, how?

Step 1: Rotate the eye and start brushing. The sand flows and form the Owl’s beak, sounds fun?
Step 2: Rotate again for another minute of brushing

For all parents, to cultivate good brushing habit for children, make the brushing process more of an exciting game, you may try to sing along with them! Flipper Owl is now available for pre order, select yours with your favourite eye pattern.

Select Your Favourite Eye Design

Pre order with us from 2 - 20 Mar 2017, you can choose your favourite Owl’s eye design from the exclusive selections. 3 design themes are available for limited time, it’s ONLY available for pre order! Order yours now!

Yes, I want to pre order!

Free Shipping for Order Over RM35 (West M'sia)
& Over RM40 (East M'sia).