Make Brushing Fun

We believe teeth-brushing can be more interesting. Start your cheerful day with Flipper!


Effortless To Use

Automatically pops in & out with a gentle push or pull.

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Clean, Safe Toothbrush Cover

Keep your toothbrush from germs and dust. The original patented open-close mechanism is easy to use, and the various delightful designs make your brushing fun!

Adorable Toothpaste Squirter

Prevent overuse of toothpaste and mess with small opening. The splashy squeezer helps you squeeze toothpaste until last drop.

Easy, Portable Razor Cover

The colorful covers shield your razor from splashes so it can stay sharp and clean as a whistle. Just flip it for quick and easy use!

We Are Certified, Because It Matters

Flippers are only made of high quality 100% non-toxic materials, and are subjected to rigorous quality-control. But don’t just take our words for it. Flippers are tested and certified by reputable, independent testing laboratories.

Time Your Brushing With Flipper Owl

Promoting good brushing habits has never been easier- kids will love turning over our sand timer until all their teeth are clean and their brushing is done. Rotate sand timer twice for 2 minutes of pure fun brushing today!

Flipper Owl | Smarty | Toothbrush Cover with Sand Timer
  • 1-minute Sand Timer

    Brush for too long or too short? Use this timer to help your kid build good brushing habits. Watch how.

  • Open and Close with One Touch

    Opens and closes automatically
    with a gentle push or pull with your toothbrush! Even a young kid can do it!

  • Attach It Anywhere

    Attach Flipper to any smooth and clean surface with its suction cup. It's ideal for travel, home, work and school use.

  • Air Vents

    Special air vent design keep your bristles ventilated at all times!

Maintaining The Magic

Be kind to your Flipper! Rinse with water at least once a month.